Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can our group "customize" our tour by setting our own start and end times, choosing the areas we want to see most, determining how long we want to stay in each area, etc ... ?

A. Yes. Although most people will be happy with our standard package tours all of which are outlined on the Tours page, we will be happy to work with you to customize a tour to meet your specific desires.

Q. What should we bring on the tour?

A. We recommend that you wear a swimsuit and bring a hat, sunglasses, a towel, sunscreen, bug spray, and a light jacket. We will provide you with water, soda, juice, snacks and snorkeling gear for snorkeling or binoculars for whale watching during tours that such things are appropriate.

Q. You say that you limit your tours to 4 people in a vehicle. What happens if our group has 5?

A. If there are more than 4 people in your group, we will assign the group the number of jeeps required to meet the group's numbers. If your group requires more than one Jeep, of course we will leave it up to you to determine who rides in which Jeep. Please note that riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. There will always be a tour guide/driver for all tours, however, for larger groups, one or more group members might be required to drive additional Jeeps.

Q. Sunrise to sunset is a long time. Will there be a stop for lunch during a Full Day Tour?

A. Yes. Each one of our Full Day tour packages includes a lunch break. You may bring a picnic style lunch or eat at a local restaurant depending on which tour your party chooses.

Q. If we pay for our tour in advance, what happens if we can't make it?

A. Paid-in-advance tours can be cancelled and your money refunded minus a $25 service charge up until the end of our business hours, 9am - 6pm Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time, the day prior to your scheduled tour date.

Q. Can my group drop-in without making previous reservations and expect to get a tour?

A. It is highly recommended that you make reservations with us well ahead of the date you wish to take a tour. If your group is 9 or more, reservations at least two days in advance of your tour are required. If your group is 8 or fewer, we will likely be able to accomodate you; but please call before arriving to take a tour that day to make sure that we are not booked solid.


For information and reservations, call toll free



Departure Times & Duration

Half Day (approximately 6.5 hours): 07:30 AM, 08:30 AM, or 09:30 AM

Full Day (approximately 8-10 hours): Sunrise or TBA

Departure/Return Locations

TBA based on convenience for the tour group

Days of Operation

We operate 7 days a week all year long